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New technologies for joining resin to metals, glass, ceramics by chemical bonding and for decoration of magnesium products.


We, Advanced Technologies, Inc., are R&D oriented and have been creating new values for material surfaces by functional chemical conversion and reforming.We invented the chemical bonding technology of resin to metals, ceramics and glass, called CB processing. By this technology you can totally change structures and manufacturing processes of the products such as electric devises, flexible print circuits, film lamination, casing, sensors or various composite materials. We also provide the metallic decoration technology, called AM processing, to make the genuine metallic luster surface of aluminum and magnesium alloy products by transparent conversion treatment. This technology has been applied on Fujitsu’s PC casing with polishing and artistic coating, which is very attractive and ultimate metallic expression of the industrial products.

Characteristic technologies

The CB processing bonds resins to various materials without using adhesives. The CB processing is used in bonding different or dissimilar materials by placing reactive molecules on the materials and initiating chemical reaction of the placed molecules by heat energy. The resins you can use are both thermoplastic and thermo-setting resins regardless they are crystalline or amorphous. In the thermo-setting resin FRP, CFRP and their preprigs, BMC, bulk molding compounds, SMC, sheet molding compounds, and the adhesives are included. The resin parts and CB treated parts of metals, ceramics and glasses are bonded by the thermal welding such as the heat press and the laser beam.
The AM processing is a unique chemical treatment for the light metals. The polished aluminum and magnesium alloy products surface is covered by the transparent inorganic compounds of the AM treatment to show the metallic luster which is very attractive for not-ever-seen designing. AM treated surface of the aluminum and magnesium alloy products has corrosion-resistance and good film adhesion for coating.

・Field in Industry

CB Processing : Electric devices such as printed circuits, laminated metal foils with films, CFRP casing with metal parts.
AM Processing : Beautiful colored metallic casing of PC, mobile hones or digital cameras.

Case Study in innovation

CB Processing

New technology for joining resin to metals, glass, ceramics by chemical bonding

Resin is firmly joined and integrated to metals, glass, and ceramics by chemical- processing, CB-Processing, without adhesives.

Chemical bonding

Materials Resins Tensile Strength MPa
Copper C1100 PBT 8.7
Iron SPCC Epoxy SMC 9.1
Aluminium A5052 PA 17.6
Anodized A5052 PA 19.0
Ceramics - Epoxy 19.3
Glass - PA 14.9

Applicable to anodized materials such as aluminum alloys!

Chemical bonding

●What to apply: Metal casings, electric parts, board, metal foil laminated film, bonding different materials
●What we do: CB processing, highly-functional light metal surface processing, injection molding, lubrication coating

CB Processing

CB Processing is to place bonding compounds on substrates of glass, ceramics or metals. The bonding compound is chemically reactive to resin. CB Processing joins resin to substrate by injection molding or hot plate welding for thermoplastic resin and by heat press for thermo-setting resin.

AM Processing

For transparent color coating utilizing luster of polished or hair-lined light metals. Original Conversion Treatment Technology ---AM Processing

[AM Processing for new metallic decoration]
Applications: Computers, mobile phones and cameras

AM Processing

AM Processing forms transparent, corrosion resistant and good paint film adhesive layer. By the transparent AM Processing layer, polished metal surface becomes visible through clear coating. Therefore utilizing AM Processing makes new metallic decoration.

Company information

COMPANY NAME Advanced Technologies, Inc.
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ADDRESS 616-3, Jimba, Gotemba, Shizuoka 412-0047, Japan