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Special gear prototypes by 5-axis combined machining! Solve any problem in gear prototype production!


We are a skilled manufacturer of prototype parts specialized in precision cutting.Our specialties include high precision machining of thin-walled, fine, and complex parts and manufacturing of special gears by 5-axis combined machining. We guarantee the precision and superior workmanship by putting the highest priority on precision.

Characteristic technologies

1. Special gear prototypes
We manufacture gear prototypes with special tooth forms such as a laterally shifted gear tooth and a full-depth gear tooth without the need for specialized tools, and promise quick delivery of prototypes. We can manufacture any gear prototypes including a helical internal gear and a face gear.We can also handle integral machining of a plastic composite gear.

2. 5-axis combined machining
Various parts, which require a combined turning-milling process, are machined by one-chuck-and-multi-face processing.The 5-axis multitasking machine enables multi-functional machining, such as continuous profiling of a cylindrical surface and a spherical surface, and undercut machining.

・Field in Industry

We have been offering services to automobile and printer-related industries where high precision is demanded.We have especially received good evaluations in quick delivery of special gear prototypes, production of which had conventionally been difficult, and prototype services such as of a thin-walled insulator.

Case Study in innovation

Helical internal gear

Helical internal gear

Intended use prototype for a copier
Material POM
Machining method cutting
Production quantity 5
Module 0.6
PCD φ56mm
Gear precision ISO class 8.


Helical composite gear

Helical composite gear

Intended use prototype for a copier
Material POM
Machining method cutting
Production quantity 2
Module 1.0
PCD φ25 x φ35mm
Gear precision ISO class 7.

Achieves integral machining including flanges on the end face of a large gear.The material is removed from both faces, intended for molding.



Intended use prototype for a motor stator of a hybrid engine
Material PPS-GF 40%
Machining method cutting
Production quantity 180
Minimum thickness 0.4mm


Double-faced cam

Double-faced cam

Intended use prototype for an automobile
Material SCM 415
Machining method cutting
Production quantity 1
Surface hardness HRC 60
PCD φ56mm

Finished by full-face cutting after the heat treatment.



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